Treatments Discography by Santa Ana Pain Clinic 1 2 - Discography
If you are experiencing back pain, we may utilize discography to help and determine the cause.

Discography is a diagnostic test that evaluates the integrity and strength of your intervertebral discs. These discs are what allow your back to move and also bear the weight of your body. If your back pain is chronic and other pain relief methods have not been effective, discography may be performed to learn more.

The exact approach for discography can vary according to each patient. However, in general, you will lie on your side and an anesthetic will be used in order to numb the area. Your doctor will then insert a needle through your skin and your muscle until the tip of the needle reaches the outer layer of one of your discs.

Treatments Discography by Santa Ana Pain Clinic 2 2 - Discography

A second needle is inserted through the first needle and into the center of the disc. A liquid contrast is injected and x-ray imaging is used to view the inside of the disc. For example, if your disc is torn, the contrast will be seen spreading through the disc’s tears. You may be asked to rate your level of pain with each disc that is injected. This is because degenerated and diseased discs tend to cause more pain than healthy discs.

You will experience temporary discomfort following discography, such as muscle pain. This goes away after a few days, and the potential for relief following the diagnostic test is a positive aspect.