Myofascial pain syndrome is a chronic pain disorder that consists of referred pain. Patients with myofascial pain syndrome describe feeling pain on one area of the body when putting pressure on sensitive areas of muscles in different areas.
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Repetitive use of certain muscles is often the cause of myofascial pain syndrome. Certain hobbies or jobs that involve repetitive movements can place you at increased risk. Anxiety and muscle injuries can also contribute.
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The pain involved in myofascial pain syndrome is typically an aching, deep muscle pain. This pain occurs when you touch tender areas on muscles that are located elsewhere on your body. You might notice that the pain makes it difficult to sleep. In most cases, the pain worsens over time.


One approach to pain management is trigger point injections. For this treatment, a small needle is placed into inflamed muscle knots, or trigger points, in order to relax them.