Conditions Spinal Stenosis by Santa Ana Pain Clinic 1 1 - Spinal Stenosis

When the spine becomes narrowed, it compresses the nerves located inside of it. This results in spinal stenosis, a painful back condition.


One of the most common causes of spinal stenosis is general wear and tear that occurs with aging. However, tumors, spinal injuries, and back conditions like spondylolisthesis and disc herniation can also contribute to spinal stenosis.
Conditions Spinal Stenosis by Santa Ana Pain Clinic 2 1 - Spinal Stenosis


Pain from spinal stenosis is most commonly felt in the buttocks or leg. Sometimes, it can be felt in the back. You may notice weakness or cramping in the legs as well. The pain associated with spinal stenosis can worsen throughout the day and can make it difficult to complete daily activities. Typically, spinal stenosis pain worsens with time.


Nerve blocks can be used in order to block pain signals from being sent to the brain from the nerves. Other types of injections can also be used to manage pain associated with spinal stenosis. This includes corticosteroids (to reduce pressure and inflammation) and an epidural (to deliver medication to the fluid directly surrounding the spinal cord).