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If you are experiencing back pain, we may utilize discography to help and determine the cause.

Discography is a diagnostic test that evaluates the integrity and strength of your intervertebral discs. These discs are what allow your back to move and also bear the weight of your body. If your back pain is chronic and other pain relief methods have not been effective,

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Pain relief injections are a fast acting option for pain management, whether the pain is acute or chronic. They can be utilized anywhere on the body, but are most commonly used for the head, neck, back, shoulders, arms, and legs.

You can expect to experience some irritation at the site of your injection,

Treatments Intrathecal Pump by Santa Ana Pain Clinic 1 1 747x520 - Intrathecal Pump

Intrathecal Pump

An intrathecal pump can be used to relieve chronic back pain that is caused from conditions such as spinal cord injury, failed back surgery, complex regional pain syndrome, and more. Patients who regularly take oral pain medications may be candidates for an intrathecal pump. Trial injections can be used first to make sure that this method is helpful.

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Medication Management

If your pain is making it difficult to go about normal activities, it might be time for medication management, especially if measures like rest and ice therapy are not helpful.

Every patient’s pain is different, so it can be difficult to determine the best option for pain relief without evaluation and some trial and error.

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Spinal Cord Stimulation

Spinal cord stimulation is a treatment option for conditions such as failed back surgery, neuropathy, chronic nerve disorders, degenerative disc disease, and complex regional pain syndrome. In general, it is utilized in patients who have chronic and debilitating pain.

Spinal cord stimulation works by sending electrical impulses to your spinal cord through insulated wires (leads).