Failed back surgery syndrome is also referred to as post-laminectomy syndrome. It is characterized by the persistence of pain following back surgery.
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There are a few different causes of failed back surgery syndrome. In some cases, scar formation following the surgery can surround the nerve roots and result in pain. Structural changes following spinal fusion can also cause pain. Additionally, pain can occur if the spinal nerve root does not recover fully.
Conditions Failed Back Surgery by Santa Ana Pain Clinic 2 1 - Failed Back Surgery Syndrome


In addition to general back pain, you might experience pain that radiates down your arms or legs. There are many different variations of pain associated with failed back surgery syndrome. The pain can be in a new area or in the same spot, and it can be the same or more severe than before.


The best treatment for failed back surgery syndrome depends on the cause. Spinal cord stimulation can help to block nerve signals from reaching the brain, and this treatment method is able to be trialed first. An epidural injection can also be used to deliver medication to the fluid around the spinal cord, providing temporary pain relief.