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Conditions Common Causes of Pain by Santa Ana Pain Clinic 3 1 - Common Causes of PainIt is not uncommon to experience dull, aching, burning, or throbbing pain in an area of your body and be unsure of the cause. Pain is common in the back, legs, head, arms, shoulders, and hips.


Your back consists of many muscles, nerves, bones, and joints. Back pain can be related to any one of these parts, and can be caused by things like spinal curves, muscle strains, and injury. Herniated discs, osteoarthritis, sacroiliac joint pain, and facet syndrome are all common causes of back pain. You can feel back pain from the base of your neck all the way down to your pelvis.


Leg pain can make it difficult to complete normal tasks, like walking and standing. This pain can include stabbing, tingling, and aching. Leg pain can come on gradually or suddenly. Common causes of leg pain include osteoarthritis, sciatica, sacroiliac joint pain, complex regional pain syndrome, and facet syndrome.
Conditions Common Causes of Pain by Santa Ana Pain Clinic 1 1 - Common Causes of Pain


Although head pain can be mild, it is often debilitating enough to make it hard to complete daily tasks. Head pain is often accompanied by other symptoms such as confusion, nausea, and sensitivity to light. The pain can be recurring and constant. Head pain is most commonly caused by spinal injuries, inflamed facet joints, infection, head injury, and fibromyalgia.


Conditions Common Causes of Pain by Santa Ana Pain Clinic 4 3 - Common Causes of PainArm pain can be slightly irritating, but it can also escalate until you are unable to lift or move your arm. The pain can be burning, aching, or stabbing. Arm pain is most commonly caused by sports injuries, diabetic neuropathy, complex regional pain syndrome, herniated discs, and fibromyalgia.


Conditions Common Causes of Pain by Santa Ana Pain Clinic 5 1 - Common Causes of PainThe shoulder joint is surrounded by many muscles and tendons. In order for your shoulder to have full range of motion, there are many parts that need to work together. Any injury to part of the shoulder can make the entire area painful and difficult to move. Shoulder pain is often accompanied by swelling or stiffness. You might notice pain consistently or only when you try to move your shoulder. Common contributors to shoulder pain include bursitis, arthritis, tendinitis, and dislocation.


If you have pain in your hips, it can hinder your ability to turn, walk, and sit. Hip pain often worsens throughout the day. It is closely related to the back, so it is common to feel pain and stiffness in the back at the same time. You may notice that hip pain worsens while walking, climbing, or sitting on a hard surface. Some of the most common causes of hip pain are dislocation, osteoarthritis, bursitis, muscle strain, and a pinched nerve.