Pain Management Doctor Santa Ana Pain Clinic 1 - Pain Management DoctorOur pain management doctor is experienced in all aspects of chronic pain and works with you to provide a treatment plan that is tailored to your needs.

The American Pain Foundation has discovered that chronic pain affects more than 42 million Americans. This condition continues to be poorly understood and oftentimes difficult to prevent. There are many different reasons as to why you may experience chronic pain and fatigue throughout your body. Whether it’s being a bit older or doing activities that oddly affect your state of health, a variety of factors come in to play on how your body experiences the fatigue and stress. Find out the different causes of pain you may experience.

Causes of Chronic Pain

Pain Management Doctor Santa Ana Pain Clinic 2 - Pain Management DoctorIn most cases, there is a specific injury or condition to point to that is responsible for chronic pain. Whether it is arthritis or a car accident, chronic pain be traced back to a lot of different instances. However, there are some causes for chronic pain that are more complex:

  • Sometimes, just aging is to blame for chronic pain. It is not uncommon patients to be less active as they get older. This state of inactivity can cause a stricter set of muscles without the agility of when they were younger. Chronic pain eventually starts off as basic discomfort, and eventually it turns into something worse and may become fatigue down the road. Without proper exercise every single day, it becomes increasingly easier for the body to become less agile, which then causes pain to take place. Your pain management doctor can help you find ways to relieve the painful effects of aging on your body.
  • Pain Management Doctor Santa Ana Pain Clinic 3 - Pain Management DoctorBoth psychological and social factors come into play with pain. Sadness, anxiety, and any other types of negative emotions can actually aggravate chronic pain and cause more of it. Those who take it in stride and use to push them to become more active may experience quicker healing and less stress within their bodies. Those who may have been injured from their job will experience more stress and pain on the job in comparison to somebody who may enjoy what they do to work.
  • Did you know that the habits you have develop over the years eventually will hatch up to you and determine your health? For example, years of bad posture can greatly affect the lower pain in your back. Lower back pain can eventually cause stress and fatigue to other areas of the body if not properly cared for. The same goes for when you lift weights and other heavy objects improperly. If done incorrectly, your body can experience debilitating pain.
  • Pain Management Doctor Santa Ana Pain Clinic 5 - Pain Management DoctorBeing overweight can greatly affect your body and health. Obesity causes not only heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, and other diseases, but it can damage your knees, ankles, and your entire body. This happens because the added weight makes it harder to become more agile and active. The additional weight may become too much to bear for your body. This can eventually cause chronic pain and fatigue as you age.

Of course, only your pain management doctor can truly determine the cause of your chronic pain. For some patients, the issue of chronic pain is actually related to a problem in the nervous system.

Next Steps

Pain Management Doctor Santa Ana Pain Clinic 4 - Pain Management DoctorYou want to determine what exactly is causing your chronic pain. Going to a pain management doctor can help you determine what is causing the pain, along with what kind of solution and treatment is going to work best for your specific body condition. Sadly, chronic pain in general can have an underlying problems. For example, it could become fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, and plenty of other issues. Diagnostic testing and conversations with your doctor about your medical history and your symptoms is a good way to start when it comes to identifying the cause of your pain.

Working with a pain management doctor guarantees you are given the treatment that will best suit your current situation. There is no single cure to getting better and beating out your condition since every patient is different, but your pain management doctor can help you find the right solution that works best for you. The key is to listen to your doctor for all the advice and information they can provide.

Lifestyle Tips

Pain Management Doctor Santa Ana Pain Clinic 6 - Pain Management DoctorWhile your consultation will pave the way for the medical approaches that you can take to treat your chronic pain, there are some lifestyle tips that you can try in order to speed up your recovery process. Be sure to ask your pain management doctor which things are recommended for you.

  • Yoga and Stretching – It pays off to consider doing Yoga and any form of stretching. The truth is that general pain is oftentimes related to fatigue, and getting the blood to start to start flowing is easier and can happen successfully if you do more Yoga and stretching. Most people forget that Yoga is great for stretching out the spine, hamstrings, and every part of the body.
  • General Exercise and Activity – If you can walk, jog, lift some weights, and do any kind of full body workouts, you can provide your body with some strength and agility that it needs to relieve pain. Working with a knowledgeable fitness instructor who knows about your chronic pain can help. They can help devise a plan and a set of exercises that will help alleviate the pain while also preventing more problems.

Chronic pain can be reduced and potentially completely relieved if you work with a pain management doctor who provides you a plan which you can follow daily. Whether it’s taking the right vitamins, exercising, or looking into medications and injections, talking with a pain specialist is the best way to get started on the path of a life that is free of pain and discomfort, where you are free to continue your daily activities. Contact our office today to learn more about we can help you. We would love to talk with you about our diagnostic techniques and the treatments that we have available.